Friday, November 7, 2008


OK... how many of these crunchies have you munched on this season?

Murukku - available here most of the time, but more prevalent during Deepavali? LL and I love this crunchy snack... it's kinda oily, I know... but then the burst of spices (jintan and sesame) when your teeth crunch onto the fried dough... that makes you forget about the oiliness for a while, hehe!

My friend Indra is going to help me get all the ingredients plus the murukku pump so that I can embark on my inaugural murukku-making session soon! Will keep you all posted on this later when that happens! *wink*


VG said...

Looking forward to the recipe too!

BTW thanks for visiting my blog. Pity you can't get Nestle choc melts in Malaysia. I am sure you would be able to subsitute with another brand.

PureGlutton said...

Hi VG! thanks for visiting me. Ya I will definitely post about my murukku when i make it later, hehe!
As for the choc, guess i will just have to use the regular cooking chocs!