Sunday, January 20, 2008

"Rice-Cooker" Chicken Rice

Tired from the cookies baking, we decided to have a very simple dinner at home. What could be simpler than Claypot Chicken Rice – although in our case, it was “Rice-Cooker” Chicken Rice.

So I tossed together half a kampong chicken, Chinese mushrooms and Thai sausages and voila!

The chicken rice was cooked very quickly and our 1-dish meal was a very satisfying dinner :-))


Hazza said...

Have you got the recipe for this? Or is it as basic as you said? I am always looking for little tips to embellish this dish.

PureGlutton said...

Hi hazza, thanks for visiting! Yeah, this is a pretty basic thing. I just marinade the chicken with salt, pepper, oyster sauce, light & dark soya sauce, sesame oil & lots of chinese wine! Throw in slices of ginger & chinese mushroom & pour everything (together with the sliced chinese sausages) onto the rice when the rice is almost cooked. Enjoy!

teckiee said...

Just pass this post to
Sure is easy and simple.. and dont need to spend crazy amount of time cooking it.

Selina said...

Looks so yummy!! I'm hungry now!