Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sambal Belacan Ladies Finger

My family is truly a Ladies Fingers or Okra fan!

You would note that a few of my recent cooking posts featured this vegetable. Whenever I go to the market during weekends, I would usually buy Ladies Fingers because it's such a versatile vegetable - you can steam it, curry it or just stir-fry it.

PabloPabla's recipe for Sambal Belacan Ladies Fingers came in handy. As I had some of this from my last marketing trip, I decided to try out this recipe.

This was the result:

As this is also LL's favourite vegetables, he promptly helped finish this dish in double time (with lots of white rice!).

Since this is such a popular dish with my family, I am registering this for the "$100 up for Grabs" competition in "Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food".


J2Kfm said...

dunk them in curry still tasty. steam them with onion oil, still good.
cook them with spicy sambal great.
grill them with fish/squids/lala ala Portuguese style = excellent!

PureGlutton said...

j2kfm: looks like u sure do know yr Ladies Fingers eh! Yeah, those are the delicious ways to cook this thing! Good one!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Two entries! :D