Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cha-Siew from LangChai's Stall

This Cha-Siew stall is located in Restoran Simon’s Delight in Seapark Petaling Jaya - it’s the corner coffee-shop facing the well-known Seaview Coffee-shop. The guy who runs this stall is a cheerful fella, who once admonished us for calling him “uncle” - he told us in no uncertain terms that he was not an uncle, and that we should call him “Lang Chai”. So, now we refer to this stall as the “Lang Chai Cha-Siew”!

If you talk about melt-in-the-mouth Cha-Siew, I can think of no other equivalent. This cha-siew has been slowly grilled over charcoal until the meat is super tender. Langchai told us that it's a painstaking and long process and he emphasized the use of charcoal. The fat in the meat helped caramelize and fuse the lean & fat parts of the pork until the pieces become bites of pure cha-siew heaven!

If you go there during lunch time, be prepared to wait for at least 20 minutes - there are always queues there waiting! Besides cha-siew, there are also chicken and roast pork but clearly, the Cha-Siew is the star attraction here! Cost-wise, this is cheaper than the Section 17 cha-siew. A plate of cha-siew sufficient for 3 people, served with fragrant savoury rice and Chinese tea cost RM18.
Plate of Choy Tam ordered from the Chap-Fan stall in the same shop

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