Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Nyonya Colors

Nyonya Colors
Aeon Bukit Tinggi, Klang

Every time I passed by the Nyonya Colors outlet in 1U, there's always a long queue and I always wondered how good their food is. However, those long queues always put me off and I have never tried their dishes until I visited this outlet in Aeon Bukit Tinggi.
There were hardly any customers there when we popped in last Sunday morning. Perhaps it was still early or perhaps the place was still new. The place was done up in simple kopitiam style but what was a bit unique was their colorful square stools. Some of them had been painted over in bright nyonya designs. Food has to be self-ordered and paid at the counter before they served you at the table. They had those banana leaves-packed nasi lemak and mee siam. I tried one of their pre-packed nasi lemak - the sambal was unusual - it had a lot of kunyit in it, hence the orange colour. Apart from that, nothing outstanding about it. Unfortunately, we were hungry and forgot to take a pic of it before finishing the packet!

We ordered their Yellow Curry Mee which was actually served with meehoon. The curry was again heavy with kunyit and daun limau purut so it was just the normal nyonya-style. What was a bit different was the pieces of wintermelon (toong-kwa) cooked with chicken in the curry.
Yellow Curry Mee
We also tried their Dry Curry Mee - which came not dry, but with thick curry gravy. And this was served with the usual yellow mee. It tasted like any normal curry chicken with taufu puffs. Again it was very "yellow" in colour - almost like their Yellow Curry Mee, except that this one had taufu puffs instead of wintermelon. Quite mediocre, I would say.

Dry Curry Mee

Their toast bread with kaya was miserable. The kaya was just sweet, without any pandan or coconut fragrance.

I tried their Bubur Pulut Hitam. Nothing outstanding about this - it was just a tad not sweet enough and lacked the full-body santan that would have uplifted this simple thong-suey.

Overall, I would say their food is over-rated and not very different from other kopitiam fare. Oh we tried some of their pre-packed nyonya kuehs too - much like any kueh you can get from those carts in the malls.

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