Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stuffed Ikan Cencaru

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Ikan Cencaru or Torpedo Scad (or more commonly known as Hard Tail Scad) is a common fish found in Malaysian markets. One of the most popular ways of cooking this fish is to stuff it with chilli sambal and fry it.

For the Sambal, what you need are Red Chillies, Chilli Padi, Shallots and Belacan. Pound all these together with a teaspoon of salt.

Make a deep slit at the back of the fish right towards the stomach. Stuff the sambal into this opening. Don't forget to rub some salt into the entire fish too, before frying...
Fry the fish in hot oil on both sides...
Before eating, just squeeze some lime juice over the fish and ENJOY!
This goes very well with hot white rice!

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