Friday, August 15, 2008

Bak Kut Teh in Shah Alam

Kedai Makanan Teow Feng
26G Jalan B25/B
Taman Industri Axis, Seksyen 25
Taman Sri Muda
40400 Shah Alam
Closed on Sundays
(Location: A few shoplots away from Public Bank, in the row in front of Spring Golden Cha-Siew)

I first heard about this Bak Kut Teh (BKT) place from a rave review by a fellow flogger - but he was talking about the parent shop (in Kg Subang) and this outlet here is merely the branch. Anyway, since this place is less than 5 minutes' from my house, we decided to give it a try.

I was told that the foochuk (beancurd skin) here is very good and that being my favourite, I told them to add more of this. We ordered a pot of mixed pork cuts and when the claypot was brought to us, this was how it looked:
The pork cuts were totally covered in a blanket of yummy foochuk. The foochuk was very smooth and soft, having soaked up the BKT soup. I asked for intestines and was told they don't serve offals here. It seems their clientele in this area does not eat offals... and the only semblance of offal they could offer was a few miserable pieces of pig stomach.
I find the herbs used in their soup were not strong enough, hence the BKT was actually quite mild and lacks the ooomph that Klang Lek BKT has. Furthermore, I find that the meats were not soft enough and hence, lessen the enjoyment of this meal.

This shop serves a host of other dishes besides BKT - assam fish, rice wine chicken, braised pork, vinegar pig trotters, beancurd - the waitress recommended a whole long list but since it was brunch, we decided to just stick to BKT.

Price-wise, they are in the mid range. A pot of BKT + yauchakway + rice for 2 persons came to RM25. We brought our own chinese tea.

The too-mild herbal soup and non-existence of intestines have swung this for me - it's fine they don't open on Sundays because I don't think I'll be making my way there anytime soon, even if their foochuk is nice. But if you hanker for BKT in the Shah Alam area and can't find any other place for this, then by all means, go for the foochuk!

My rating: 5/10

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