Friday, March 28, 2008

Bangkok - the Food Courts

While in Bangkok, we ate in the foodcourt in MBK on the first night. Unfortunately I did not take any pictures of that session. We had tomyam soup, phadthai (thai fried noodles) and thai green curry chicken that night. The food was average, and I remember the prawns were pretty fresh.

The next day we tried the food at the Platinum Plaza foodcourt. SL had her Tomyam Noodles

while I had Fishball Noodles.

We also had a bowl of Kway Chap - pig's innards in herbal soup. However, the soup was kinda like our bak kut teh but sweet - sugar added. The Thais love to add sugar to their food.

We loved the Food Hall of Siam Paragon. There was so much variety there and everything just looked sooo delicious!

We loved their sticky rice - they have so many different-coloured types - very high quality and taste very different from those found here. Steamed sticky rice with fresh mangoes and coconut milk was one of our firm favourites.

The Thais love their salads - and we love their mango and papaya salads!
Some of the other yummy food available:

We didn't taste all the above...that would be really too much, but they really looked yummy!


MyF said...

Oh wow.. everything looks delicious, I can't decide which to eat first.. I probably stuff myself if I ever go to this place in Bangkok! And - Thanks for visiting my humble bloggie :-) U're most welcome to visit again! Take care!

PureGlutton said...

Thanks, myf, for visiting! Yeah, Bangkok is food paradise and food is EVERYWHERE! Sure, i'll be visiting your blog again :)

Nic (KHKL) said...

i tried the food at siam's ok but expensive, right? i prefer the street food there..hehe...

PureGlutton said...

Hi Nic
Thanks for dropping by! Yes, of coz food inside Siam Paragon is more expensive, but i guess, more hygienic and certainly the environment is more comfortable :-) Nothing beats street food when it comes to price, hehe! But I had a hygiene freak of a friend with me and she dared not eat the street food - what to do la!