Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lumut Sojourn - Lunch @ BeiKing, Sitiawan

Last week I took a 2-day break at one of our coastal towns - Lumut. Over the past few years, this once-sleepy town has undergone lots of development and it is now a very tourist-friendly place to visit. For more details and photos of my trip, please visit my other blog - Raynebows.

Driving through the coastal road from Klang, before reaching our destination, we passed by Sitiawan. By that time, it was already 2pm, past our regular lunch hour and we were looking for some good grub. I have read a review about this place - BeiKing Restaurant which is smack in the middle of Sitiawan town, along the main road.

BeiKing is well known for their Fuchow (or Hockchiew) cuisine. At that hour - 2pm, the lunch crowd had already dispersed. The captain recommended their special dishes and we did not object at all, haha! Service was extremely fast....

...the 1st dish arrived barely 5 minutes later...their star dish - Mee Suah in Red Wine. Yes, the wine's really red and the chicken pieces were also red, having been thoroughly cooked and soaked in the wine! The mee suah were soft and smooth. The red wine soup had ginger in it but you can't really taste much of the alcohol in the wine...all evaporated in the cooking process! I must say the noodles and wine were a great combination.

The next recommended dish was their Fuchow Lor Mee. The thick yellow noodles were cooked in a delicious brown stew filled with shrimps, fish fillet, brown sotong, chinese mushroom and fungus. Add a dash of black vinegar and slurp away! The noodles disappeared faster than the mee suah!
Oyster Omelette, fuchow-style...the egg omelette were fried till crispy, very different from the Klang Valley style, which tends to be gooey due to the starch added. The oysters were fresh and dipped in the accompanying kampong koh chilli sauce, the omelette also disappeared in double time!
Pork Ribs braised with Yam was next... this was one yummy dish, peppered with onion rings. The yam cubes were "powdery" soft and the ribs had been well marinated.
Lastly, their fuchow Mixed Vegetables had lots of fuchok (beancurd skins), tunghoon, black fungus, snow peas, young corn, chinese cabbage, brown sotong ...all tossed in oyster sauce. This was a most pleasant dish to end the meal.
All the above 5 dishes were generous enough to feed 10 hungry adults and 2 kids...the bill came up to RM115.


ai wei said...

love the yam!
that pork ribs braised yam sounds interesting!

PureGlutton said...

Hi ai wei, welcome! Ya, i love yam too...i picked out most of the yam cubes in that pork ribs dish, haha!