Thursday, July 30, 2009


Lot LG 333A, 1 Utama New Wing
Tel: 03-7727 4877

As the name indicates, this is a Noodles joint with Lam Mee being their speciality. Lam Mee - noodles in a thick starchy gravy and here in Lammeeya, you can opt to have all kinds of noodles in your bowl.

As I generally find the thick yellow noodles too much to handle, I had kway-teow for my Lam Mee choice. At Rm12.80 a set, it's quite a bargain, I would say... because the bowl of Lam Mee served was gargantuan! It was so huge that I really could not finish it... and I am one person who abhors wasting food!

The Lam Mee was topped with 2 medium-sized prawns, pieces of fish paste, strips of chicken and some chinese cabbage.

The set came with this >>> 2 meatballs and 1 fried beancurd roll. These I liked very much - the meatballs were firm and springy with pieces of fragrant cuttlefish. The beancurd roll's something like the Ipoh-style "sah-kott fupei" with chunks of turnip embedded in the fish paste - nice!
If you choose not to have lam mee, they also have curry noodles, soup noodles and even Ipoh-style Chee Cheong Fun (rice rolls). My colleague ordered the CCF with Mushroom & Mincemeat Sauce... with lots of pickled green chillies at the side... so typically Ipoh-style! This set cost only RM9.80 - came with the meatballs & fupei too.

The set meal comes with a drink as well - Soyamilk!

Service was very quick. The place was very busy during lunchtime, yet our orders were served in under 10 minutes. I have a feeling that this will be a regular lunch place for me and my workmates!

My rating: 7/10

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bandung - good for gluttons & shopaholics!

One week I didn't touch my blog ... and somebody commented it's already growing fungus! Hmmm... that bad meh?

I was away on a shopping & eating trip in Bandung last weekend. That's basically all one does in Bandung. With the cheap AirAsia tickets, I had no hesitation joining a group of friends on this trip.

A mere 2 hours' flight time away, we landed on time at their tiny airport. You really have to be verrrry patient here waiting for your baggage because their Customs's checking of hand luggage and baggage conveyor belt take up the same space - yes, go figure that out!

We were all pushed into this tiny little corner waiting for our bags to topple over their one-way conveyor! Then, once you've got your bag, you gotta push your way out of that tiny little space with a whole village of people jamming up a space barely measuring 6ft by 6ft!

After that ordeal, in the van going to town, when the driver suggested going straight for lunch, everyone quickly nodded. So we ended up at a restaurant selling Nasi Padang.... and this was the array of dishes we had! Food was cold and rather unappetising but because everyone was famished, I didn't hear any complaints. We paid about RM11 per person for this meal.

As we walked along the streets, there were many many hawkers selling all kinds of food, ranging from noodles, rice, fried stuff, siomay (which is actually "siew mai"), durian ice-cream, corn etc etc!!
When we were tired from all the endless shopping, it was nice to take a rest at the little gardens and courtyards housed inside the factory outlets...

On the first night there, we had dinner at Karamba - a pretty high-end restaurant serving Sundanese food (West Java cuisine), a la carte style. This was by far the most expensive meal we had - RM28 per person.
Be warned - their sambal belacan is fierily hot but it's very addictive! The hotter it was the more you wanna eat, aikkks!

Their chickens are all of the "kampung" breed - small, lean (no fat at all!) and very tasty.

Bumbu Desa is a popular chain of restaurants and this was recommended. Their interior's very pleasant and service is excellent. Everyone smiles and calls you "ibu" or "pak".Again, this is Sundanese food. The food is all laid out on woks - you just point out your choices and tell them for how many people. The food will be reheated and served at your table. Sambal and ulam are FOC - unlimited portions too!

Generally, Sundanese dishes are on the dry side - we hardly found any dish with curry or lots of gravy. Most of it are fried or just cooked with very little gravy. Ohh... and we also noted that the cooks in Bandung tend to be heavy-handed on the salt - their food are on the saltish side! So be prepared to drink lots of water!

Sambara was another restaurant recommended to us and we found this to be better than Bumbu Desa. Again, same type of food and same excellent service!

These baby green brinjals were part of the ulam-ulam...

If you're looking for Indonesian kuehs and cakes, Kartika Sari is one of the more popular chain of shops. We saw lots of passengers in the plane (on the return flight later) carrying Kartika Sari bags, holding them preciously!

Do try their steamed Brownies - they are yummy, especially the tiramisu ones!
Their local kuehs are also good - very fragrant and surprisingly, not that very sweet! I love their kueh bika - all the many variations of it!

I got my Indonesian Layer Cakes from Holland Bakery - you can spot them with their unmistakable windmills on top of their shops. I find their layer cakes very rich, very moist, not very sweet and very heavy! The fullsize cake weighs more than 2kg... so do consider that in your baggage allowance, hehe! Not cheap also - be prepared to pay about RM110 per cake.

If there's one place I'd like to re-visit in Bandung, it's Kampung Daun! It's located up in the hills and it's about a 30-minute drive up there. We were there for dinner so I can only show you the night scenes here. The next time, if I ever come here again, it must be in the daytime so that I can enjoy the beautiful vast greenery of the place.

Their dining tables are housed in individual charming little huts complete with comfy cushions for you to sit bersila to enjoy your meal. Do note that it's extremely chilly up here - they even have open bonfires everywhere for people to warm up!
Hot tea was served in these cute ceramic pots...
Their menu consists of both local Javanese and western items. Of course we had to have the local food! The huts are all sprawled over a huge area and I was thinking it would take a long time for dinner to be served. How utterly wrong I was!

All our orders were served under 10 minutes, by a smiling cute little waiter!! Impressive leh!

I love their Nasi Liwet - a very yummy fragrant flavourful rice - you can just eat the rice on its own! I first ate this nasi at Kambara and couldn't have enough of it!! Here my nasi liwet was served with acar, fried tofu, fried chicken, a stick of chicken gizzard+liver, raw salad and the requisite kerepek.

Fried rice (not Thai-style) served in a pineapple - very delicious...
Ahh... their satay is a bit different from ours - less spicy with none of our lemongrass & kunyit flavours. Theirs tasted more like with BBQ-sauce! Food is not expensive here - most sets were in the region of RM12-15 each.... and you get to enjoy the beautiful ambience and fresh cool air!

On the way back from Kampung Daun, we stopped by a kerepek & snacks shop to stock up...

I only bought a 500g packet of kerepek emping... none of these for me - no baggage weight to spare lah!
So that was how the 5D 4N trip went - purely shopping & eating! The weather in Bandung is very cooling and low humidity, so it's very pleasant to walk around without sweating. At night it gets pretty chilly, so you do need some warm clothings then.

The people in the service sector are humble and courteous, from hotels to restaurants to drivers. The rich live in huge mansions in an upmarket part of the town while some of the poor & homeless can be seen living on the streets and under bridges. It was also sad to see little child beggars roaming the chaotic streets - I saw a tiny toddler (she couldn't be older than 4 years old) stumbling along the busy streets, weaving her way among the vehicles. I don't think you can even spot her from inside the car - so so dangerous!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Nasi Lemak Daun Pisang

This morning I bought 45 packets of the above Nasi Lemak Daun Pisang.

Yes, 45 packs - not for myself lah - but for a breakfast meeting in my office. Some of my colleagues can easily polish off 2-3 packets each. Yes, it is that good! Also, because the packs are rather small lah. It's the regular no-frill basic nasi lemak pack - the best kind (in my books) >>> nasi, sambal, ikan bilis, cucumber& peanuts.

So... where did these little packs of banana leaf heaven come from? They are from this stall, helmed by Kak Nor, along Jalan SS21/34 in Damansara Utama. Just look out for this yellow+red umbrella under a tree, across from the car workshop.

When I first started buying from this stall, I thought that Kak Nor was a rather dour woman - she hardly smiled or even looked pleasant towards her customers. But after a couple more visits, I got to know her better and nowadays when she sees me alighting from my car, she gives me a welcoming smile.

Kak Nor has been selling her nasi lemak for at least 10 years now and she's a real pro in wrapping the banana leaves - every fold is precise, resulting in tall perfect cone-shaped packs.

She uses good quality ikan bilis (those from Pangkor) which are always freshly fried. I always ask for extra portions of ikan bilis and sambal... at a little bit of extra sen also lah, which I don't mind paying, because it's worth it!
Just look at this nasi lemak and tell me it isn't mouth-watering??!
If you want to buy in bulk, like I did this morning, please call her at the number below, to pre-order.
Ahhh... see, her son is a great advertisement for her nasi lemak, too!
My rating: 8/10

Friday, July 3, 2009

Lusting for Kar Heong

Rainy mornings are bad.
Don't you hate them?
I do... more so when it's a working day.
It becomes worse when you get stuck in a horrendous jam on the road caused by an 8-car pile-up.

But that's really not as bad as...

When you start shivering in your cold office, facing a mountain of papers and...

hankering yearning craving lusting for a bowl of Hot Spicy Noodles...

... something like this...

Long strands of smooth silky Ipoh Hor-Fun (they are really "imported" from Ipoh!) in a bowl of fragrant lemak curry soup... with taupok, long beans and cockles!

Eat that with some really good Poached Chicken - meat so smooth & tender that they slide down your throat effortlessly... Really, theirs is one of the best poached chicken I have tasted around here.
If you are a rice-pot (someone who can't do without rice!) like LL and NL, you can also opt to have their super fragrant chicken rice instead of noodles or hor-fun. According to those 2 eating machines, their rice is very good - I believe them because they ordered extra big bowls of the rice!!!

Their prawn wantans were so-so only, pretty small also... you can skip those.

Located along that row of shops facing the main road in Subang's SS14, you can't miss it. Their service crew is clad in their unmistakable lime green t-shirts (same colour as their menu!) - you can spot them a mile off!

They have another outlet in Kota Damansara - that happening food mecca which every other blogger is blogging about now - so maybe if you live around that area, that may be a better option for you.

Now see what I have done?!!! The cravings for something hot, soupy, spicy just got WORSE after posting about this! *going into withdrawal symptons now - pengsan!*

My rating: 7/10

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Euro Deli Shop @ Damansara Kim - Relaunched!

What a gluttony past week I had!

For someone who had never been invited to any food-blogging event, suddenly I had two invitations last week! First was the BestFoodFunction Grand Launch ... and then I was invited to the Opening of Euro Deli's expanded outlet in Damansara Kim.

Established in 1991, Euro Deli is now a household name when it comes to Swiss-German meats and sausages as their products are readily available in major supermarkets around here.

The Euro Deli Shop in Damansara Kim was opened back in 1997 occupying one shop lot in that quiet neighbourhood. Recently they expanded, taking over the immediate lot next door.

The affable & jovial Butcher Master/Chef Kurt Roelli

Ribbon-cutting ceremony: Mr Kurt Roelli, Mr KH Yap & Mr Wolfgang Neff

The newly refurbished and expanded shop now is much more spacious and comfortable, offering diners a warm and cosy atmosphere as they dine on Euro Deli's scrumptious food and their new beverage selection ranging from imported draft beers like Hoegaarden, Franziskaner and Leffe Blonde.

Guests at the event were given goody bags with very generous items inside.

After the ribbon cutting ceremony, guests were ushered in and served some very delicious canapes - salmon, ham, cheese ...
I loved these Pate served in crispy pastries - can't remember how many I popped into my mouth!

The hot items served on the buffet line showcased some of Euro Deli's signature items - sausages (Emmenthaler, Farmer Bratwurst- oozing with cheese & sweet juices!), chinese roast pork belly (you won't stop even after the 10th piece, I tell you!), round chunks of Kassler Ham (these were so so good!!!)...

...but my favourite was their Baked Meat Loaf! Absolutely divine - these were so memorably good that I went back there a few days later to stock up my fridge with this!

See how we piled up our plates - OMG!!! Besides the meats, there was also pasta, potato salad and some very yummy black forest cake and chocolate mousse for dessert! Sorry I didn't take pics of these as I was really very full by then and could hardly move - LOL!

The best thing about this place is that you can buy the stuff you eat at the restaurant! There're some freezers at one side of the shop where all kinds of packed goodies are on sale...

They are not called "The Sausage King" for nothing! The array of sausages available is mind-boggling!

Oh... by the way, their herbal foccacia buns are truly truly nice (just warm them up & eat them with a dollop of butter - mmmm... heavenly!) - do remember to get some!

You can also check out their website here - they do special orders and catering too!

Once again, our heartiest congratulations to Euro Deli - may you guys be expanding to more shops in the near future!

Note: Special thanks to my friend Z & her hubby for the invitation to this! What a lovely yummy porky evening we had!