Monday, August 25, 2008

Asam Ikan Kembong

On a cool wet evening, what better dish to rev up the appetite and keep one warm than something hot, sour and spicy? Checking through my fridge and larder, I found some ingredients that would be just perfect for the Asam Ikan Kembong recipe which I had come across earlier in PabloPabla's blog. Please check out the full details of this simple but delicious recipe.

For the Spicy Paste, just blend/pound together these ingredients:
These are the vegetables to be added in:

For the asam (sour) flavour, use Asam Jawa paste, such as this:Of course you need the all-important Ikan Kembong (mackerel)... remember to marinade with some salt before frying them...

Voila! This is the all-delicious Asam Ikan Kembong which goes very well with steamed white rice. The yummy piquant spicy gravy will guarantee that you will eat more rice than usual!

I'm entering this dish for the "$100 Up for Grabs" competition in "Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food" - please check it out for more details!

Wish me luck, hehe!


Unknown said...

now that is a really fantastic dish!

PureGlutton said...

derek: Hehe, u really think so? Maybe u can try it out - it's really simple!

9PEK9BO said...

I just love Ikan Kembong and Your Assam Ikan Kembong is making me drooling on my pc table! lol!