Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ipoh New Chang Jiang

Ipoh New Chang Jiang Restaurant
No.13 Jalan 20/16, Paramount Garden
46300 Petaling Jaya

With a hankering for some Ipoh-taste food, I took my colleagues to try this joint in Paramount Garden, PJ. It was opened sometime last year and I have been there a couple of times before. Its set-up is typical of the kopitiam style which seems to be the rage these days. Their round and square tables are flanked by wooden stools.

Their menu is not terribly extensive. They serve items like Dry Curry Noodles, Soup Noodles, some variety of “balls”/yong taufu, ipoh chee-cheong-fun, a few rice dishes and some breakfast items - varieties of toasts and boiled eggs.

I had their Dry Curry Hor Fun (kwayteow). It came with the Ipoh currynoodle “insignia” - ie a sprig of mint leaves! Only Ipoh-style curry noodles have that. Over here, mint leaves are only for assam laksa! There was also half a lime, to add some piquancy to the curry. The gravy is thick with spices & not so much santan, almost to the point of being pungent - another Ipoh trademark. The hor fun were topped with slices of chicken meat, prawns and the fat ipoh taugeh. Price: RM4.50.

My colleagues had their Soup Loh-See-Fun. They commented the texture of the loh-see-fun is different from the usual type we get in KL. This must be from Ipoh - smooth and more on the soft side. The soupy noodles are topped with slices of chicken meat, prawns, fat taugeh and chives. Price: RM4.50.

We ordered a bowl of “liu” (ipoh term for balls/yong taufu). There were squid balls, “pig-sinews” balls (chee-kan yuin) and pigskin with fishpaste. The size is a tad small and it’s RM0.70 per piece. I found them to be quite mediocre - can’t compare with the real stuff in Ipoh!

They have my favourite Umbra Juice there (RM2.30)…but it was too sweet. Have to remind them to reduce sugar, next time!

The restaurant has a tagline which says “Compassion, Love & Care” and claims they share a portion of their profits with the needy. So, by patronizing this joint, it is our way of doing charity. That seems like a noble cause :-)

The cute little Toothpick Holder

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