Sunday, January 20, 2008

Kheng's Kopitiam

Kheng's Kopitiam
24 Jalan Anggerik Vanilla M31/M
40600 Kota Kemuning
Shah Alam

Having woke up late on a Sunday - one of the very rare occasions that I do, I had an urge for kopitiam fare. So we headed to Kheng's Kopitiam, in Kemuning "town centre". It was just after 11.00am and the place was pretty packed. Like so many other kopitiams in the area, the interior was almost an exact replica of the one across the street - small round & square tables with stools around them.
We ordered the iced Kheng's Kopi (RM2.20) and the White Coffee (RM2.50). The former was darker in colour and tasted more "kau" - good enough to satisfy my caffeine craving.

The must-have Kaya Butter Toast (RM1.50) was quite disappointing. The bread was the usual hainan bread, cut thinly and unevenly, butter was not-quite-there and the kaya was uninspiring.

My plate of Mee Siam (RM5) had prawns, shredded omelette, few pieces of taufu, topped with half a lime and dollop of sambal at the side. Taste-wise, it was quite bland - thanks to the lime, the sourish tinge lifted the meehoon somewhat.

LL's plate of Hokkien Mee (RM5.90) was bland, although initially it looked quite encouraging. It did come with prawns, fishcake and quite a lot of sawi. He has certainly tasted much better mee!

We shared a small plate of Pulut Tai-tai with Kaya (RM2). Since it was the same kaya in the Toast bread earlier, which was bland, it didn't enhance the pulut - what a pity.

Oh well, I'd go back there for the iced Kopi - nothing else.

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