Monday, February 18, 2008

Dubai - the Fast Foods

Dubai is Fast Food heaven. Fast Food and western restaurants seem to dominate the malls and food courts. Prices there are almost tripled, compared to Malaysian prices. Their Dirhams is about 10% lower than the Ringgit (1 Dirham = RM0.90).

Look at the prices of Burgers there:
And KFC there also cost a bomb:

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts - I find these too sweet! Middle-Easterners love their snacks & desserts real sweet!

I prefer Big Apple doughnuts any time! Less sweet & more variety!

1 dozen of these cost RM45 equivalent!

New York Fries - fries doused in melted cheese, sprinkled with fried bacon chips & topped with sour cream. This is a favourite in the food courts.

A small cup of this cost about RM13 equivalent.
This set cost about RM28 equivalent

Fuddruckers - this was LL's favourite restaurant discovered in Dubai. Their tagline is "World's Greatest Hamburgers for 25 Years".

I'm not really a hamburger fan but LL swore they really lived up to their tagline! Their burger meat patties come in different serving sizes: quarter-pound, half-pound, three-quarter-pound & one-pound.
The Half-Pounder

The gigantic 1-Pounder

Fried Chicken Loins - aka Chicken Breastmeat!

The yummy Garlic Toast

We ordered extra portion of their Saute'ed Mushrooms
But I love their salads - you get unlimited salads for every hamburger order!
The Salad Bar

Crispy Onion Rings

Grilled Sub Sandwich

Fish & Chips from the foodcourt:

Fish & Chips (cost: RM30 eqivalent)

The posh foodcourt with chandeliers

Dubai - the Local Food

Although Dubai is in the UAE, smack in a total-Islamic country, it is a throbbing metropolis with many international flavours. This is most apparent in its adoption of international cuisine, its bustling city with super-construction everywhere, in its fabulous malls and the floods of foreigners in the city, whether they are workers or visitors.
For more on the city, click
Their local food consists mainly of grilled meats, salads and cheese.

Assortment of Grilled Meats
The superfresh Salads
The Pickled Veg
The colourful fresh juices

And oh, not to forget their breads - which are flat and made from wholegrain flours (like the pita bread we get here). Their national snack seems to be the "Shawamar" - pieces of grilled meat and vegetables rolled up in the flat bread into a "popiah" shape.
The friendly shawamar man
The Shawamar
Roast Chicken on the Grill

The shawamar is available in almost every street corner and people there would just stop their cars by the road, wind down their windows and holler out their orders to the shawamar seller!