Friday, April 4, 2008

Leung Kee Noodles

This Leung Kee wantan noodles shop in USJ Taipan has been around for some time and it's one of our favourite places to go to when we need some noodles-fix. I believe many USJ residents also love this unpretentious joint - during weekends, people have to stand and wait for available tables. It's located in the row of shophouses facing the main entrance into the Taipan carpark complex.

They serve one of the best Braised Chicken Feet ever. We never fail to order this - in fact we always order extra portions of it. The chicken feet is cooked till tender perfection but the skin is always intact! As can be seen below, the chicken feet is braised very simply in its own flavour and they are extremely tasty.

The wantan filling is made from minced pork + prawns and they are absolutely yummy, served in plain soup and sawi.
We usually order our noodles doused in their curry gravy. You can choose either their Curry Chicken Noodles or Steamed Chicken Noodles but with added curry gravy! For good measure, I always add in Braised Mushroom as well! Yummmm!

Their Curry Chicken tastes really unique - in the sense that it tastes quite different from other curries. It's also very popular and runs out quite fast as almost evey table will have this among other choices!

Their other options are the usual Cha-Siew, braised Pork Ribs and Hakka Cha-Yook. Although I have not personally tried these (because I always have the Curry Chicken, haha!) - they do look scrumptious (looking at other people's orders!).

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