Friday, March 28, 2008

Bangkok - Street Food

Bangkok is a paradise for street food. On every street, almost every corner, there will be carts and stalls selling all kinds of grilled, pickled, fried, boiled or just plain fresh food. There are full-fledged stalls with tables and chairs, some are just wooden carts, some are mobile stalls and some just lay out the food on benches.

We stayed in Asia Hotel on Phyathai Road and just outside the hotel, there're lots of food vendors, massage centres, tailoring shops and 7-Elevens.

The mango season is now in full blast. I absolutely love their fresh mangoes and you can find these everywhere in the streets, malls and markets.

Due to the high pollution and SL being very apprehensive about food hygiene, we limited our street food purchase to just fresh mangoes and their fresh local mandarin juice. This being the hottest month of the year, we were practically drenched in sweat just after a few minutes' walk in the street!

SL insisted we eat food bought from indoors, so we mostly ate at food courts in the malls. I will post about this next.

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