Thursday, March 25, 2010

Subak - a culinary sanctuary!

Subak is a gem of a restaurant, nestled in the lush greenery of Bukit Lanjan.

From their website, I learned that "subak" actually meant the highly intricate and ritualised water irrigation system practised in Bali's rice fields. It is an inspirational tradition of sharing life-giving water that sustain rice terraces in Bali.

From the main entrance, we walked up a slope... a sanctuary of tropical flora, where an immaculate lawn provides a green carpet for the beautiful trees and plants cocooning the restaurant...

The reception area

Traditional mortar and pestle... even a congkak set were on display on the front lawn... charming!

As you walk across their roofed wooden deck - Serambi, overlooking a pond...

... you can choose a quiet private corner and dine in total romantic privacy... see how well hidden that couple was!

The setting sun, together with the lit lamps, cast some lovely golden shadows on the surroundings...

Thatched attap roof, wooden beams & furniture - all added to the warm rustic charm of the place.

As dusk approached, the friendly service crew prepared the candles and mosquito coils for the guests' comfort...

The idyllic soothing tranquility can only be surpassed with some refreshing drinks...

... and FOOD, of course :-))

For starters, we had their highly recommended Gado Gado Ibu Yati (RM12). The freshly shredded sengkuang & cucumber topped with slices of boiled egg, with kerepek emping at the sides went very well with their excellent peanut sauce - with just the right touches of sweetness, sourness & spiciness.

Our next appetizer - Breaded Calamari Rings (RM15) was good, but not really outstanding - the thick pieces of calamari were very fresh & succulent.

Oven-roasted Rack of Lamb (RM45) did not disappoint. The lamb had just the right texture - neither too chewy nor soft. Well-marinated, the flavours of the meat and sauce were a perfect marriage!

Like I have mentioned before, LL is the King of Fried Rice and he just could not resist ordering their Balinese Fried Rice (RM25). Served with skewers of Grilled Chicken Satay, bull's eye fried egg, 1 huge grilled prawn and kerepek emping on the sides, LL had no complaints about this comfort dish.

Pan-fried Medallion of Cod Fish with Butterfried Prawn (RM45)
was my choice. The thick cut of cod fish was very fresh and it came on a bed of sliced baby potatoes & mushroom. The prawn, though, was a bit overdone & kinda tough but I can forgive that as the excellent cod fish more than made up for that little mistake.

Tapai Pulut with Vanilla Ice-cream (RM8) - what a quaint fusion dessert! This was LL's order - I was too stuffed for any dessert.

With my tummy fully satiated, I was just happy to sit back, relax and enjoy the rustic tranquility after sunset...
The steps leading up to the washroom

Subak is helmed by the soft-spoken smiley Executive Chef Hassan Abdullah. Chef Hassan was formerly with Avillion Port Dickson before setting up Subak and prior to that, he has the distinction of being the first malay ever appointed as Executive Chef in the Hilton Chain.

I will definitely be back at Subak to try their other offerings. This place is just perfect for group gatherings as well as private romantic dinners, away from prying eyes ;-)

Restaurant's address:

Lot 3213 Jalan Penchala Indah
Bukit Lanjan
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 7729 9030/31

Visit their website for map & directions!

My rating: 8/10


thule a.k.a leo said...

OK.. less than 10 min drive fr my place! Time to make a move for the delectable lamb that Jenn would love for sure :)

qwazymonkey said...

Sounds awesome. BTW the couple was so well hidden that it took me a while to spot them in the picture!

PureGlutton said...

Leo: Yeah, quickly go pak-thoh there ;-)

PureGlutton said...

QwazyM: Yes, isn't this a perfect spot for a private secluded romantic interlude: ;-)

Unknown said...

nice pics...didn't make a mistake by buying this camera for you!!!

PureGlutton said...

Derek: Oooh yes, thank u veli much - I soooo heart my Lumix LX-3 :-))

ck lam said...

Thanks for introducing this amazing place. I sure love to drop in :) said...


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