Saturday, December 29, 2007

Banana Leaf Rice @ Krishna

Krishna Curry House
No.18 Jalan 222, Section 51A
46100 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 79564920

Krishna Curry House is almost an institution in the Jalan 222 area. For as far as I can remember, this curry house has been there enjoying brisk business. I go there quite often for breakfast - their rotis, thosais with unlimited chutneys, sambal and dhall curry are heavenly!

Today we decided to have their Banana Leaf Rice for lunch as we were famished after our gym workout. The moment we sat down, the banana leaves appeared and before we can even catch our breath, the rice, vegetables and other condiments were served on the leaves. Our choice of curry gravies were fish and chicken. I quickly ordered our choice of fried fish, fried chicken, curry mutton and fried bittergourd.
The fried ikan tenggiri fillet and ikan kembong were served in under 10 minutes, followed quickly by the fried chicken thigh. They were fried to perfection, crispy on the outside and meltingly tender on the inside with the flavours of the masala marinade tiltillating our tastebuds.
Krishna's curry mutton was served in a little claypot and it came piping hot. The tender chunks of mutton were absolutely delicious, having soaked through the thick creamy curry. It went superbly with the rice and the fried bittergourd.
The thin slices of battered bittergourd were fried to a crisp with spices. Top these with the curry and rice and you just can't stop at one bite!

I didn't get the itemised pricing but for the 2 of us, we had fried ikan tenggiri, ikan kembong, 1 entire chicken thigh, a claypot of mutton curry, a plate of fried bittergourd and unlimited rice, vegetables, papadam, curry gravies and 3 glasses of teh-O-ais-limau, the bill was RM33. It was an immensely satisfying meal, very sinful too and all we wanna do after that is to be comatose, hehe!

Parking is easy and service is superb.

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