Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Cha Siew Rice in Sect.17 PJ

Choon Yien Coffeeshop

This Cha Siew Rice outlet in Section 17 PJ has many followers. It's located in a corner coffeeshop - Choo Yien is the name - beneath the flats in Jalan 17/13 (which is nesxt to the SK Sri Damai). The place starts getting busy as early as 11.30am for lunch and if you go there after 12.30pm, you can be sure the place is not only full, but almost every table will have people waiting for it! It's run by 2 brothers, one who chops the meats and the other is the order-taker cum promotions manager! This guy is very vocal, mingling and joking with the customers besides attending to their orders.

Their Cha Siew is their mainstay dish. It's not hard to see why. The strips of roasted meats drip with their sweet mollasces which had completely infused the tender meat. The layer of fat in the meat practically melts in the mouth. Very often the customers order double portions and some even tapau them. For bigger orders, it's wise to call the promotions manager to book the meat first.

Besides Cha Siew, they also have roast chicken and roast pork. The chickens are roasted at the back and they come to your table with their crispy skin still hot! The roast pork disappears very fast as the crispy skin is obviously a great delight to the customers.

They use the chicken bones etc to cook the Sour Vegetables. All the left-over meats are boiled with mustard leaves (kai choy), dried chillies and assam pieces. The resultant sour stew is a great appetizer. Besides this sour veg, they also have the obligatory boiled greens like sawi with oyster sauce.

Their prices are not exactly cheap. One long strip of Cha Siew goes for RM14. For 2 persons, cha siew + roast chicken + roast prok platter costs RM14 too. Sour vegetables is RM3 for a single portion.

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