Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dubai - Chinese Food

The Dragon Mart is so named because the entire mall houses only "made in China" goods. You can find everything under its roof, ranging from industrial machinery/equipment to clothings, accessories, household items, toys, shoes, garden furniture etc etc etc!

We had lunch in one of the chinese restaurants there - the Sun Tour Restaurant. It seemed to be a very popular place as it was full so service took some time.

The 1st dish we had was Fried Mutton. Small pieces of mutton fillet were skewered together with toothpicks before being fried with pieces of capsicum. The meat was fried crispy, well-marinated and went very well with rice. It was a bit dry though as there's no gravy in this dish.

The next dish we had came with lots of gravy - Chicken in Oyster Sauce & Spring Onion. A simple dish that we can all cook at home; nevertheless this version was very yummy. They used boneless chicken thigh meat and the flavourful gravy went extremely well with our rice.

The Tofu dish was also full of gravy. It had capsicum, green peas, carrots and mushrooms tossed in the gravy which was slightly spicy.

Our vege dish was Lettuce in Oyster Sauce. The oyster sauce overwhelmed the vege and we just fished out the lettuce from the pool of sauce. They were certainly generous with the oyster sauce!

Portions served were really big. Even their rice bowls were huge! The rose tea we had was very fragrant. Although the staff were busy with all the occupied tables, they were still very responsive to our requests.

The cost of this lunch, for 3 people, came up to about RM130.

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