Thursday, June 12, 2008

Japanese Buffet @ Genji, PJ Hilton

It has been quite some time since we last had a meal in Genji. They only serve their Japanese Buffet for dinner on Saturdays and lunch on Sundays. Charging a premium price of RM72++ per person, their buffet is reputed to be of good quality.

So, 2 Sundays ago, we went to check whether they have maintained their standards.

For starters, their Oysters were one of the hot favourites... no disappointment here as they were very fresh and of a good size...
Some of their Sushis and the ever-popular Lidako...However, I find their sushi selection rather limited.
The Grilled Items - salmon belly, unagi, garlic fried rice did not disappoint...
Their Prawn Tempura and Fried Shishamo were excellent - extremely fresh and done perfectly! Their japanese pizza was pretty good too (according to LL).
However, their Teppanyaki was hopeless. The picture here looked good, but the chicken & squids were totally tasteless - you can see there's no garlic slices there and the carrots were cut too chunkily, so they were very hard.
My must-have Edamame ... no complaints...
Another must-have for me - Miso Soup, to which I have added lots of pickled vegetables (Sansai?)...very yummy!
We took some Prawn Tempuras to the guy-in-charge-of-Temaki and asked him to make some of these for us...the fresh octopus decorating the edge of this plate was very good!
Their Desserts Corner was quite dismal...I think they should expand this. After all, one of the attractions of a buffet is desserts and there should be a wider selection...
These slices of cheesecake looked very pretty... did these...
There was also a White Chocolate Fondue...and these were the cute little sticks of marshmallows that you dip into the fondue...
Oh...there was added entertainment from a clown too...LL camwhoring with him here...somehow the clown loved him, hehe!
He made this rather obscene-looking green "pistol" for LL ( you think it looked anything like a pistol...or something else??!)
and this kinda grotesque-looking pink flower for me...guess what I did with it?
I decided to add it to the deco of the Ladies' washroom...clever, right?! (wahahaha!)
Now, based on what I have posted here, you be the judge as to whether this japanese buffet is worth the price they charge!

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