Thursday, June 12, 2008

Braised Teochew Duck @ Kam Heong PJ

Restoran Kam Heong
Jalan Tengah, PJ State
New Town Centre
Petaling Jaya
(Location: the corner shop next to UOB, facing MPPJ Complex)

The next time you are in this neighbourhood looking for food and you spot this shop with the blue awning and with almost every table occupied, do not hesitate to join them, especially so if you are a duck lover!

As you can see, there is no shop name and I only found out its name from the orange t-shirts that their staff were wear. Even though I have been patronizing this shop for years, I never really knew its name (until the other day) and I always refer to it as "that braised duck place"! This braised duck shop has been around for at least 30 years, I was told... serving the same old good food.

They have a very simple menu...the main attraction being their signature Braised Duck, teochew-style. Look at the rows of ducks hanging there...and also piled up high against the glass case!

This guy never stops chopping up the duck, right from when they open for business, which is from about 5.30pm onwards...
Look at the very succulent duck which has been braised for hours in an assortment of chinese herbs and spices - the gravy is totally out-of-this-world delicious! Serious. We always ask for extra gravy, which they happily oblige.
If you go late, their duck intestines & gizzards will be sold out. So, if you like stuff like this, make sure you're there before 7pm!
The only vegetables dish they serve is this Salted Mustard Leaves (Kiam Chye) which is cooked very plainly with pieces of duck lard. A typical teochew dish - it goes well with rice or porridge - both of which are available in this shop. Oh by the way, their rice is very fragrant as it's cooked and infused with garlic/onions oil. And their sambal is darn good - I always need extra of that!
If duck is not your cup of tea, they have a few other braised dishes too... Braised Black Mushrooms (the pot on the left) and Braised Pig Intestines (the pot on the right)...
...and also Braised Pig Trotters!
Their prices are very reasonable. Great simple food, cheap prices, fast service - that explains the crowds at this place every night!

This is the sight after our meal...hahaha!


New Kid on the Blog said...

this is good to have it with teochew porridge!!!

PureGlutton said...

Hi new kid! Yeah, those dishes taste good with either porridge or their fragrant rice!

chowtaifu said...

Got one day, after my son swimming class we go tah pau a whole duck back siap with the kiam chye. Then ah,at home wah all full speed display the food lah.aisehman, the uncle forgot to tahpau the sauce for us wor!!!! How can? Me and husband can drive back there (20 minutes) just for that sauce. hehe..