Monday, January 28, 2008

Kheng's Kopitiam - Part II

In my previous posting on this Kopitiam, I said I would go back there for their Iced Coffee. So, last weekend, with my friend SL in town and since she wanted some kopitiam fare for lunch, we headed to Kheng's again.

This time round we ordered new items, besides the iced coffees, of course.

SL had the Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang (RM6.50). According to her, it was so-so. The dish came with all the condiments arranged neatly around the rice. I took a bite to try and my verdict is:

* The sambal was clearly made from commercialized "chili boh" (ground chilli) as the raw taste of the ground chilli was overwhelming.

* The chicken rendang - it looked better than it tasted. Somehow there seemed to be something lacking in the ingredients that went into the rendang - it's just not as fragrant as it should be.

* The rice lacked good santan in its flavour.

LL ordered the Fried Mee with Chicken Curry (RM5). The fried mee was, just literally, fried mee - there was NO other ingredients in the dish - not even a strand of taugeh! There was just a sprinkling of chopped spring onions on top of the plain fried mee. Taste-wise, the mee was bland and it was only edible when doused with the curry chicken. The curry chicken was just mediocre - tasted like one of those instant-pack curry paste.
I tried their Curry Laksa (RM5.50). There were taufu puffs, long beans, slices of fishcake and 1 piece of chicken in the bowl of noodles. The curry was quite lemak but taste-wise, nothing outstanding.
SL ordered her favourite Steamed Tapioca (RM2) which came with their bland kaya. We couldn't finish all the tapioca. Likewise, the Sweet Potato kuih, rolled in coconut, was pretty but lacked any "oomph".
Again, I would go back to Kheng's for their iced coffee, if not anything else!


aquarius said...

u go die la stupid old woman ......
all my lovest food is sold in khengs kopitiam ....its it something wrg with yr tongue???i thk u nid to check v yr doctor.....

Anonymous said...

nice shot ... i agree ... i think this old woman's tongue really got problem ... erm ... i think why she say kheng's kopitiam food is bad because she is jealous that she cant cook as tasty as kheng's ! Old virgin if u cant cook also don't be jealous with people who can cook ...

banting said...

hey, i've got a post on Kheng's Kopitiam, but in my hometown Banting.

be sure to check it out