Friday, December 28, 2007

Steamboat in Aeon Bkt Tinggi

Boston Restaurant (Halal)
F13 Aeon Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre
Bandar Baru Bukit Tinggi
Tel: 03-33262702
Steamboat has always been a favourite with me. I love it for its “cheng-ness” - simple nutritious food which is not oily and fills you up with a sense of well-being… lots of vegetables, fresh ingredients which are freshly-cooked at the table and of course, lots of soup!

Having passed by this steamboat restaurant in my previous visits, I vowed to give it a try soon. So, there I was last night, after a workout in the gym and looking for something light for dinner - steamboat was the most perfect choice!

The square & rectangular tables were all fitted with individual hotpots for each diner. The hotpots also have individual electronic heat controllers so each diner can control the temperature of his/her boiling soup. They serve standard clear chicken soup - additional flavours are chargeable. For RM2.50 more, you can have Herbal, Tomyam etc.

The Single Set

The steamboat stuff can be ordered by individual plates or you can go for the sets. Single, couple and family sets are available. Examples: Sliced Beef Hotpot @ RM21.95, Squid Hotpot @ RM20.95. Individual plates of steamboat items start from RM1.00 upwards. Besides steamboat, they also serve some rice and noodle dishes as well as Grilled items.

The Sliced Beef

The Sliced Squid

The steamboat items were fresh and portions were generous. What I liked most was that lots of vegetables were included in the sets. There was a huge mountain of white cabbage, Chinese cabbage and lettuce. The soup was oil-less and flavorful of chicken stock. The chilli-dip, sprinkled with sesame, was decent enough.

The generous portion of vegetables

The chilli-dip & "sprinklies" for the soup

The Boston Fried Shrimp with Rice (RM15.95) had 6 medium-sized prawns fried in black pepper topping a mound of fried rice which had sliced Bombay onions, raisins and eggs.

On the whole, it’s pricier than what you would pay in a usual steamboat place. I guess you also have to pay for the location and ambience of the place here!

The funky "senget" glass

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hi there, im gonna make a review on the same restaurant, so i bumped on urs here..nice pix w all d pricing it~