Sunday, January 6, 2008

Fish Village Steamboat

Fish Village Steamboat Restaurant
28 & 30 Jalan Bandar 13
Pusat Bandar Puchong
47100 Selangor
Tel: 58822838/012-3775439

This steamboat place is one of our favourites. We have been going there for years now. It's located in one of the row of shops in the Tesco Puchong commercial area.

Their ingredients are all seafood-based - there is no meat served. Their fishballs and different variations of fishpaste are all very fresh and succulent. Besides steamboat, they do serve fried meehoon with either fish fillet, lala or crabs.

Additional portions of Fishcake & Fishpaste
Their steamboat set is RM12 per head. It comes with enough fishballs & fishpaste, fresh prawns, fish fillet, sui kow, foochook, white tofu, vegetables, egg and crispy noodles.

We ordered 2 fresh crabs (RM36) and after we have dunked them in the soup, the soup was really one helluva delicious! The crabs were fat with roe and when boiled in the soup till just right, the roe and crabmeat just melt in the mouth!

See how succulent the crab is?!

My favourite Young Coconut

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boo_licious said...

Welcome to the world of food blogging! U have been diligent, so many posts. The steamboat looks good esp with the crabs. Yum!