Monday, April 7, 2008

Simple Dinner for a Girls' Night

I’m not a pasta fan but last Friday evening I had a couple of close girlfriends over for a “catching-up/chit-chat” session and they insisted they just wanted a simple meal, preferably pasta. So I decided to cook a very simple spaghetti meal, making use of whatever I had available in the fridge and larder.

These were some of the ingredients that went into the spaghetti sauce:

As I had lots of fresh tomatoes, I just needed a dash of tomato sauce to thicken the sauce. The minced meat, ham & bacon chips and sausages were more than enough to give the sauce its robust meaty flavour. All these were tossed together with some Bombay onions and enhanced with sprinkling of pepper.

This was the resultant dish:

Oh, I found some cauliflower and sweet peas in my fridge too which I just lightly stir-fried together and that made up our vegetables accompaniment for the meal. I also opened a can of Campbell’s mushroom soup and added in more mushrooms separately and this went absolutely great with some garlic bread toasted in the oven!

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