Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Uncle Chilli's - New Dinner Menu!

Uncle Chilli's in PJ Hilton has been around since the 90's - famed for its fun atmosphere and live bands. Truly it was the place to "be seen" back then. I haven't been to Uncle Chilli's for some time and a couple of weeks back when I was there, the place has been totally revamped. It now looks more contemporary spotting some sleek shiny decor - quite different from the Uncle Chilli's of before! I must say I do like the new retro set-up :-)

It's tagline "The Place Where U Belong" entices one to be more relaxed - like you can sit back, relax and enjoy some casual dining in a fun pub atmosphere. They strive to not serve "overly handled" fussy foods - instead what you get is uncomplicated dishes which do not compromise on freshness. Their new a la carte menu is really simple to handle - a one-piece with comprehensive choices for your selection, ranging from healthy robust soups, hearty burgers (they are huge, man!), sandwiches, pasta, pizzas, mains and desserts.

You can even Create Your Own options, starting from RM22++ (now how flexible is that?!) - from the choices listed. So, go for whatever suits your palate - be as sophisticated or casual in your choices as you like!

If you are a light eater, just having their salad is good enough to fill up your tummy. Like this Classic Caesar Salad here...

The portion is really generous. It came with the freshest crispiest Romaine leaves, a poached egg and sprinkled with tasty bits of turkey bacon and parmesan shavings. Oh... don't forget that thick slice of garlic bread, which was slathered with a generous layer of buttered garlic & toasted to perfection.

The Crab Bisque I had was really good - the robust creamy flavour of the crustacean was very fresh without being overwhelming. Dip the breadstick in it for some satisfying crabby bites!

Their Simmered Roulade of Seabass was served with some really interesting greens - "pico pico" which is actually our super natural "pucuk paku"! According to their jovial Chef Carloz aka Zul Aman, "pico pico" is Maori for "ferns". Topped with a long piece of roasted parsnip with sides of brussel sprouts + sweetcorn, the light pommes puree brought out the light flavours of the seabass. A very refreshing and not-fattening main course, I would say!

If you are one who cannot do without meat, then do opt for their Braised Lamb Shank served with onion confit and a sunny-side egg. That's a lot of tender mouth-watering protein for you! I assure you this will satisfy any meat cravings you have.

On the night we were there, this serving of Uncle Chilli's Burger was shared between KampungBoyCityGal and "Brought Up To Share", we could not even finish this between the 5 of us! It was accompanied by guacamole, spicy salsa and a huge serving of french fries - how to finish la! Just look at the thick slab of chicken patty, bacon and egg in between that giant bun!
When dessert was served, we were almost too full to move! It was a duo too - Passionfruit Creme Brule and healthy Granola Parfait. I love their presentations. The Creme Brule was pure creamy bliss below a crispy layer of light caramel. The parfait was doused with strawberry sauce which kinda helped dilute its rich creamy base. Sweet temptations indeed!

If you're thinking of a great place for Valentine's, Uncle Chilli's would be a good choice - its dining and bar facilities merge seamlessly. You still can have your dining privacy and thereafter move on to the main bar and dance floor for some red-hot action.

Do check out PJ Hilton's own F&B blog: www.ZestPJ.com for the latest updates - they have swanky happening themes & promotions all the time! Currently they have this "A Table for 3, a Bill for 2" promotion - order 3 items from their burger, sandwich, pasta, pizza or main course and get the lower priced item FOC!

At the same time, check out also TheQGuides where you can book your restaurants and be rewarded with cash vouchers. It will save you a lot of hassles looking for restaurants' contact numbers - just click & get your dining bookings firmed on the spot!

Thank you, Frat for the wonderful company at Uncle Chilli's!