Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Taipan USJ re-visited

It’s been more than 6 months since we moved out from USJ and we missed the food at Taipan. So, last weekend we decided to re-acquaint ourselves with some of our favourite hawker offerings there.

The Yat Wo coffee-shop in Taipan (at the corner facing RHB Bank) has always been our firm favourite. Previously it was known as Hup Yik. We ordered our usual gastronomic delights:

Pan Mee
I always go for the “pinched” version, ie pieces of pan mee torn with the fingers, vs the strips-type rolled out from the machine. This stall serves one of the best versions. The pan mee is smooth and thin enough. What’s even better is their very flavourful soup which was the result of pork stock and cha choy. It comes with generous portions of sliced mushrooms, minced pork and lots of sweet pucuk ubi. The fried ikan bilis (very fresh & crunchy) is served separately in a sauce dish, next to their sambal belacan. I like it that the ikan bilis is not dumped into the pan mee, which most people do, as I get to savour the crunchiness of it. Each bowl of pan mee costs RM3.50

Curry Chee-Cheong-Fun
This stall is manned by a husband and wife team. I usually go for their variety of fuchooks (beancurd rolls), bittergourd and chee-pei (porkskin). The curry sauce is very tasty, with sufficient santan and when soaked in the smooth chee-cheong-fun, it’s just heavenly. The price of the yong taufus varies from RM0.80-RM1.00 per piece and the chee-cheong-fun is RM1.20 per sheet.

Fried Kway Teow
This may not be the best fried kway teow in the country but it’s certainly one of the most meticulous ones! You can see that their crunchy fat taugeh have had the tails removed! This may be a common practice in a 5-star hotel outlet (maybe) but which hawker stall bothers to do this?? For that, I think they deserve being commended. Each plate costs RM3.50.

Roast Pork
The chicken rice stall serves chicken (of course), both steamed & roasted types, cha siew and roast pork. Their roast pork is done to perfection - crispy skin and the meat just nice (not too fat or too lean). A single portion of roast pork is RM3.50.


teckiee said...

yeahhh curry chee cheong fun with the pork skin is my kind of thing

Precious Pea said...

This must be the famous yummy pan mee stall in USJ that I heard about but yet to try it though. I love pan mee especially the 'pinch' type.