Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Teochew Porridge in Seapark PJ

Teochew Porridge Stall
@ Restoran Sun Fatt Kee
Sea Park, Petaling Jaya
(opposite the Sea Park Wet Market)

This Teochew Porridge stall is run by an older-husband-younger-wife team in the corner coffee shop located right behind Maybank in Seapark, Petaling Jaya. It is an established joint as every day there’ll be queues forming at this stall, patiently waiting to have their orders taken.

Whenever I feel like having something “light” and “liquidy”, I’d head for this stall. My favourite dishes to go with the plain teochew porridge are:

Braised Intestines
This is a typical teochew dish. The pig’s intestines are braised in dark soya sauce with a hint of star anise. Taufu can be added in this dish, if so desired. Every self-respecting teochew would have this with porridge!

Ikan Kembong with Chilli Padi
The fried ikan kembong is doused in a sweet & sour gravy with lots of garlic and chopped chilli padi. The gravy has been perfected with just the right combination of lime juice and sugar, making this a very appetizing dish to go with the porridge.

Egg & Chives Omelette
This may seem like a very simple dish. It’s just eggs and chopped chives … but somehow, this turns out to be very tasty and the aroma of the chives lifted it from being just plain boring omelette!

Steamed Minced Pork
This is another must-have for my porridge. Chopped tung-choy has been added to the minced pork and that gives the dish its signature popularity. I remember this dish from my childhood days - mom used to cook it very regularly as it’s easy & fuss-free!

Spicy Cockles
The half-shelled cockles are cooked in a spicy sauce made from dried chillies, garlic, ginger, onions and tauchoo (bean paste). The cockles are just cooked lightly to retain its tender texture.

Salted Eggs are not exactly my favourite... but someone just had to have it...:-))

For 3 persons having all the above dishes, with 3 bowls of porridge and glasses of chinese tea, the bill came to RM9 per person.

Ohh...we're sure gonna miss all these when our office relocates to its new premise in 2 months' time!

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