Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Italiannies @ 1U

Lot F355 1st Floor Rainforest (New Wing)
1 Utama Shopping Mall
Bandar Utama
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7727 1399

To celebrate a colleague's birthday, the birthday girl chose to dine at Italiannies. So the group of us happily trotted over to 1U to Italiannies, a sister-company of TGIF. I have read some good reviews as well as eaten once at this place, so all of us went there with eager anticipation.

During weekdays, they have this set meal for 4-5 persons costing RM89. The set comes with 1 appetizer, 3 items of main course and 1 dessert. We opted to order 2 sets.

Once seated, we were served with platters of freshly-baked Italian herbs bread. Still warm from the oven, the bread dipped in virgin olive oil & vinegar, was a delightful starter. We asked for refills which the friendly waiters happily obliged.

The 1st appetizer we had was their Toasted Bruschetta... toasted pieces of french bread topped with chopped tomatoes, mangoes sprinkled with herbs and grated cheese.
The toasted bruschetta went well with the 2nd appetizer, Mussels Diavolo - this was slightly spicy due to the added dried chillies. Nevertheless, it proved to be a great appetizer as it whetted our appetitite for more.

Next came the Sicillian Chicken Salad - crisp romaine lettuce tossed with a delightful mixture of fresh grapes, mangoes, tomatoes, raisin and nuts. Refreshing and crunchy, I could eat more of this with no problem!

What's an Italian meal without pizza, right? So... our 1st pizza was their vegetarian Margherita Pizza which came with a thick layer of cheese. I didn't taste this but was told the cheese was slightly on the saltier side.

More popular was their Garlic Chicken Pizza. The name says it all. The pizza dough was thin and crispy and the topping was well balanced with cheese and tomato paste. Good choice of pizza.
We had their Chicken Milane - grilled chicken breast meat served with a creamy sauce generously flavoured with Italian herbs and topped with chopped tomatoes and onions. Every morsel was wiped clean from the plate!

Next came the pasta - mamma mia! The Shrimp Linguine was an absolutely delightful dish of pure Italian goodness, hehe! The linguine was cooked rightly al-dente, the generous portions of shrimps were very fresh and of good size, tossed in their signature tomato & herbs sauce. Really good value here.

Likewise, the Clams Linguine was just as good. The only difference was that it was served in a lighter creamy sauce with no compromise in the taste! Another good choice

Then it's desserts time! We had their popular Bread Pudding - a heavenly concoction of melt-in-the-mouth bread pudding splashed with rich creamy custard sauce by the side. I loved the sides of the bread pudding which was so fragrant and crispy.

Their Cappucino Pie was actually 2 layers of rich vanilla and coffee ice cream sandwiched together. Needless to say, this quickly disappeared.

When I made the booking, they actually asked me what the occasion was and that’s why they then presented a thick piece of Cheese Cake for the birthday girl. A nice gesture towards customer service!

Even though I am not really a fan of Italian food, I give thumbs-up to Italiannies for their fast & friendly service and generous portions. Be prepared to share the food as their individual portions are more than enough for one.

My rating: 7/10


J2Kfm said...

yeah! still like Italiannie's as the food is good, the ambience comfy and stylish, and the prices rather reasonable.
still rmbr we made a mistake and order 4 mains for 4 pax. struggling to finish up everything!

PureGlutton said...

j2kfm: Wahhh... i can imagine the amount of food - 4 mains for 4 people! That's a LOT of food, hehe! Yeah, I would say Italiannies is good value for money.

Christy said...

oh really, the food's nice here?
I heard that they're not that nice before this which was why I never try before.
But their sets was pretty good value for money:)

Center Parted said...

My personal favourite is the cheese and artichoke dip.... absolutely yummilicious!!

PureGlutton said...

christy: I would say the food there is good... big portions and at reasonable prices :-)

PureGlutton said...

center parted: OK... will try that the next time :-)

oceanskies79 said...

Your blog has so much delicious looking food.....I was trying not to drool. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog.

PureGlutton said...

oceanskies: Thanks :-) I welcome your visit and comments.