Monday, July 14, 2008

Pizza Vs Satay

Pizza Vs Satay
37 Jalan Anggerik Vanilla X31/X
Kota Kemuning
40460 Shah Alam
Tel: 03-5122 7959

Pizza and Satay - does that seem like an odd combination to you? Well, obviously the good people who opened this Pizza & Satay joint think it’s an excellent idea to offer a wide variety of food items to their clientele - from Italian pizza & pasta to our favourite local delights like nasi lemak, laksa and satay!

When you walk into Pizza Vs Satay, there’s a kinda warm cosy feel to the place - maybe because they have their pizza-making counter & oven right in front and you can watch the whole process from where you’re seated at the dining area. They have also placed a few tables outside for those who prefer al fresco dining and wish to puff a few sticks with their meals.

We started off with their Nasi Lemak. At RM7.90, it was great value. It came with a huge chunk of chicken rendang and sambal sotong, together with the usual condiments of fried ikan bilis, half a boiled egg, cucumber and topped with 2 crispy pieces of keropok ikan! My only complaint was that they did not serve a proper sambal with it - have to make do with the sambal sotong.

Another great value meal is the Satay Set (RM7.90) - your choice of 10 sticks chicken or beef satay, complete with cucumber, onions and ketupat. The freshly-grilled chicken bites were fragrant with flavours of lemongrass, tumeric and other spices and the accompanying peanut sauce was well-flavoured too- perfect with the satay.

As the friendly serving staff warned us that pizzas would take a “while” to serve as every piece was made fresh, we still wanted it anyway…and ordered the Chicken Pepperoni - a medium-sized one cost RM19. It took almost 30 minutes for the pizza to arrive at our table but it was well worth the wait. The dough was thin, crusty on the outside but fluffy on the inside, the mozarella cheese was generously spread all over, topped with pieces of yummy chicken pepperoni and a sprinkle of sliced capsicum. The melted soft gooey mozarella made it kinda difficult to eat it with bare hands!

The appetizer - Baked Mussels, took some time to reach us, even later than the pizza! By that time, it was way past "main course" time! At RM17, the 5 pieces of mussels were kinda overbaked as they were chewy. I didn't quite enjoy this, although LL and D lapped up every bit of the creamy sauce.
The disappointing dish of the evening was their Rosemary Lamb Chops. Not only did we have to wait 40 minutes for it...when it was served, the chops were bland and extremely tough. We highlighted this to the friendly cheerful ladyboss who immediately apologised and offered to replace it. When we refused a replacement (it was already getting quite late), she took it off the bill. Now this is what I call "being responsible" and that very act redeemed whatever shortcomings the customer encountered.

They have another outlet in USJ9 - the address is:

No.16 Jalan USJ9/5Q
47620 Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-8023 9050

My rating: 7/10


rainbow angeles said...

that's a very nice of the boss!

claire said...

yeah,the nasi lemak is worth it, better than kopitiam... pizza looks sumptious...mussels will be nice for me without the cheese..hehe.. staying in KL really have a lot of choices huh?

Ju Ann said...

I always go to the USJ branch. The service is damn slow!

try their cheesy pizza - all cheese no toppings. Nice!!! :D

Their nasi lemak is nice.. but other than that, nothing else nice already!