Friday, July 18, 2008

Bumbu Bali - Part 2

Since the first post I did on Bumbu Bali, we have been back there again.

Besides the Nasi Campur which LL absolutely loved & had to order again, we tried their Grilled Lamb Chop (RM23.50). 2 huge pieces of shoulder chops were served with fries, a separate bowl of salad, a huge piece of watermelon and a bowl of their special Bumbu gravy. The lamb has been marinated with some spices, black pepper and grilled to perfection with a hint of lemongrass. The fragrant gravy had mixed flavours of spices, pepper, a dash of yoghurt maybe? (slightly sourish)...

The well-recommended Campur-Campur Tiga (RM30.50) was a huge platter featuring grilled satay lilit, chicken wings and fried calamari with 2 types of dips and fresh vegetables on the side.
Closer look at the grilled chicken wings...succulent pieces oozing with turmeric and spices which had been infused into the meat...
The special Satay Lilit...mashed chicken meat twisted round satay sticks and grilled...yummy! case you have forgotten how their Nasi Campur (RM28.50) looked is the plate of heavenly bites...lots of "lauk" and too little rice, hehe!

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