Saturday, May 10, 2008

KFC - QC please

Yesterday I tapau'ed 5 pieces of KFC and there were 2 pieces of ribs in the pack. But, just look and compare the size of these 2 pieces...Hey, the Colonel's people better put in some QC measures can there be such a big difference?? This is unacceptable la!


reanaclaire said...

maybe one is a big fat chicken and the other a spring chicken?? they might give u this answer.. yeah.. there is a great difference there.. haha..

ElmO said...

haha.. what a big big different.

The butcher too ganas dy kill the baby chick. sob sob..

anyway, i like your food blog. drooling!!

oh ya.. you never put up your photos.. are you a guy/lady?

PureGlutton said...

Hi Elmo, thanks for visiting! Hehe, this is a Food blog, so i only put up pics of Food lor. I'm female...there are pics of me in my "Raynebows" blog leh :)