Thursday, May 8, 2008

Indian Mangoes!

See what I found at the supermarket at lunch time? My favourite Indian mangoes! They have made their 1st appearance this year - season has started! Yayyy!
Although it's expensive ~ at RM12.90 per kg (from Jusco), I could not resist buying. It's always expensive at the beginning of the season. The price will go down later - to as low as RM7 a kg. It's even cheaper if you buy by the box/carton...hehe!
These 3 beauties here weigh 1.3kg and cost me RM17.
I can't wait to gorge into the luscious smooth sweetness ...and the fragrance adds on to the pure bliss of this delicious fruit!


claire said...

hey..yr cluster map has 3 dots already..haha.. yes..indian mangoes are expensive but very very nice and sweet..can go indian shop and drink one glass..cost 6rm.. not bad..thick also..

PureGlutton said...

Ya...3 beautiful dots, lol! Hope they'll beranak soon! I prefer to eat the mangoes as they are, not juiced - more bite!