Thursday, December 30, 2010

Time flies

It's the final week for the year.  Where did my 2010 go??  I honestly can't believe the year has just flown by and 2011 will be dawning in a few days' time.

It's good to be on leave during this time.  And half the week is gone already.  It's nice not having to be up and out of bed when my alarm goes off at 6am.  I get to lie in for a bit, just a bit.  I'm out of the bedroom by 9'ish, latest.

Somehow the days get by very quickly.  I go to the wet market, take my time to buy a week's worth of foodstuff.  I groom my two furkids.  I bake.  Experiment with new recipes, tweak them, make do with whatever I have in the fridge/larder.

Like how I mixed fresh cream with kaya and chopped nuts for the filling of this swissroll.

P1020840 (427x640)

I sit by my verandah to enjoy the fruits of my baking.

It's even nicer if there's some rain to accompany me.


I meet up with friends for lunch and spend hours catching up.  I go home and bake some more, more cakes to bring home to mom tomorrow.  A day trip to Ipoh - and that will take care of my Thursday.

P1020852 (427x640)

I book a 2-hour massage for the next day.  And after that there's a New Year's Eve dinner to go to.  But before that, bake another cake to bring over as dessert.

Lunch with family on New Year's Day - the meats are marinated and waiting in my fridge.

Is it any wonder that my days fly past so fast?


qwazymonkey said...

Now that's the life eh? Enjoy it while it last before 2011 kicks in and we go through the same crazy cycle again.

Happy new year!

UnkaLeong said...

Kick off your shoes and enjoy the rest of your time off ;) Happy New Year to you and your family! Oh Yar, speaking of family...mine would like to order some fruit cakes from you if they are available for sale =D

babe_kl said...


Have a splendid New Year with all the good tidings in your way!

J said...

Yeah time really flies! And 2010 felt particularly fast....

Hope u had a good year and will have a fantastic new year. :)

Life for Beginners said...

Oh la la. You have the life (during your leave week lah) that I want... massages, cooking, baking, makan with friends, relaxing...

Now if only we can do this 100% of the time hor? :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I am so glad to have finally met you this year and shared so much joy with you as well. Also, you will always be my #1 Angkoo Sifu! (well, my only angkoo sifu but who's counting, haha)