Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Awesome Porkball Noodles @ Kota Kemuning

I started this blog in December 2007 and I can't believe it's now almost 3 years since my first post!  Since the Merdeka mood is still prevailing, with everyone reminiscing over things from the past, I couldn't help thinking back to that first post I did for this blog.  I thought it's a good idea to re-review the place after a span of 3 years :-)

We had just moved to the Kemuning neighbourhood in 2007 and were checking out the food outlets in the area.  This Imbi Road Meatballs Restaurant is one of the 2 more popular noodles shops - the other being the Pun Chun Noodles House.

On days when we're too lazy to venture out of Kemuning, most often than not, we'd head to the "porkballs noodles" place.  Yes, the "meatballs" in the name refers to porkballs, strictly that and none other!  As sure as clockwork, I will always have my favourite Loe-Shu-Fun ("rats' tails noodles"), done "dry style"! "Dry" style here will have your noodles doused in black soya sauce, some lard oil and topped with their signature minced pork...

KK Pork Noodles

This is pure comfort food for me - a bowl of this and I'm a happy camper.  To me, for pork noodles done this way, I must have loe-shu-fun - no other noodles will do!

LL and DL will always have their preferred choices - kwayteow and yellow noodles - also done "dry style"...

KK Pork Noodles-1

If you order the "dry style" noodles, the porkballs and BBQ "chinese pig liver sausage" are served separately...


I must mention here again that the soup served here is just pure porky delicious goodness!  There's no MSG added - you can be assured that every yummy spoonful of this soup comes from hours of boiling pork and pork bones - the robust unadulterated sweetness is unmistakable.  LL absolutely loves the BBQ sausages and we always order an extra bowl of just porkballs + BBQ sausages to satisfy his craving!

KK Pork Noodles-2

Another reason why we love coming to this place is that it's a "happy" and "homey" place!  It's a family-run business... and as this place is very popular with the Kemuning residents, I think the owners practically know every one of their customers, especially those (like us) who frequent their place so regularly.  Even so, it's always nice to be welcomed with friendly nods and smiles when we step into the shop.  If we don't go there for, let's say, more than a month, the friendly lady-boss would greet me with "oh, you so long didn't come here hoh!"  It's no wonder the place is always busy, no matter what time we go.

KK Pork Noodles-3

Oh, I must mention here again that their service staff are really excellent.  I think they are Burmese and they have not lost one bit of their "Speedy Gonzales" behaviour - they dart cheerfully around the place very speedily, serving food, clearing tables - really amazing!

After 3 years, I'm happy to say that their food and service quality had been fastidiously maintained.  The only thing that has changed is the price.  A standard bowl of noodles used to cost RM4; now it's RM5.  Oh well, considering how much higher food items now cost, compared to 3 years ago, I guess that's justifiable.


Restoran Imbi Road Meatball Noodles Restaurant
15 Jalan Anggerik Vanilla N31/N
Kota Kemuning
40460 Shah Alam
Opens daily for Breakfast & Lunch
(Same row, further down from McDonald's, a few doors away from Maybank)


Precious Pea said...

Salivating oledi by just looking at those sausages. I miss those version of pork noodle, dun think they have it here. Miss miss miss!!!

J2Kfm said...

I can understand that part on the neighbourhood, homely aura when eating in places like this.
A period of hiatus from dining in, and they will notice almost instantaneously.

Sean said...

gosh, i don't think i've ever been to kota kemuning (the only place in shah alam i know how to get to is the mahkamah! heheh)
but yeah, this looks like comfort food that's worth returning to, again and again. hopefully it'll be around for many years to come :D

SimpleGirl said...

wow, the dry version noodles look all good...not to mention the sausages, i wish I could try them one day when i visit my cousin there in shah alam

qwazymonkey said...

loooks so droolsome. So much better than my earlier cinnamon roll!

PureGlutton said...

P.Pea: You can always try cooking it over there :-)

PureGlutton said...

J2Kfm: Yeah, isnt that heart-warming about neighbourhood joints like this?

PureGlutton said...

Sean: Yes, I hope so too! You should try venturing out from all those fine-dining places you always go to! ;-)

PureGlutton said...

SimpleGirl: Yes, do try this if you are in the SA neighbourhood!

PureGlutton said...

Qwazy: Eh, how to compare noodles with cinnamon rolls ahh?