Monday, June 28, 2010

Qba B4 Buffet @ Westin Kuala Lumpur

The special invitation said to go for a "fiesta of food, drinks and fun all in one venue". This was the invitation to preview b4: abbreviation for beer, bbq, band & bandido

... and armed with this promise, we made our way to Qba at Westin Kuala Lumpur one Saturday evening not too long ago.

Qba - Cuban bar, Latin Grill restaurant, Wine & Cigar Lounge all rolled into one impressive joint which elegantly combines Cuban traditions with a fusion of Latin flavours. Walking into the dim interior of Qba, I was struck by its stylish, nostalgic decor, albeit sombre - it kinda reminded me of scenes from those The Godfather-type of movies... and I almost expected to see some underworld kingpins crouched in deep evil-plotting hidden behind thick veils of cigar smoke!


The large bar on the 1st floor is certainly the focal point there - seating all around but what would surely be the central attraction is the statue of a winged creature (an angel?) looking down benevolently from atop the liquor cabinet!

The cosy low tables and plush leather sofas at the cigar lounge allows one to retreat in the pure enjoyment of Cuban cigars, vintage rum and wines...



Making our way to the Qba Courtyard, where the B4 feast is held, the first thing that struck me was the amazing array of colours - such a contrast from the bar and lounge inside!


I just love love love the vibrant colours that assailed our sight!


What's latin food without its dazzling colours, right?


The whole Courtyard has been transformed with "stalls" showcasing the best of Mexican and Latin cuisine...


I love the way they have prepacked the uncooked marinated meat into individual portions - so hygienic and neat. All you have to do is tell the service crew which piece you want and they'll grill it and serve it to you at your table!


While we sat and sipped our cocktails... you can have unlimited refills of these, which are included in the price of the buffet:

Cocktails - Bandito, Cuba Libre
Mocktails - vacrious types
Softdrinks & Juices
Wine - red & white
Beers - Carlsberg Draft, Carlsberg Gold, Chang Beer, Skol


... we were quickly served this Platter of Irish Oysters & Shellfish on ice shavings...


Take your pick of dainty Cocktel de Mariscos - Seafood Cocktails, served prettily in wine glasses:


Scallop tiradito, salsa verde, garlic chive cress, cashewnuts prawn & cocconut ceviche - so spoiled for choices!



From one of the grill stations, we had these... calamari, prawns on beds of beans and tomatoes...


These were one of my favourites - Seared Salmon Fillets on Corn Cakes... lovely fresh succulent salmon on fluffy corn pancakes!



From the Parrilla - the Asadero Open Grill, the aroma from a whole lamb roasting on the spit rotisserie really whetted our appetites...


These guys really know their meats... every piece of marinated meat was grilled to perfection.


I particularly liked their lamb cutlets - really divinely tender and flavourful! Don't ever forget to order at least 2 pieces there! If lamb is not your fancy, then try their Angus sirloin steak, chipotle marinated chicken, glazed beef short ribs, seabass in banana leaves with achiote & orange, Chorizo sausages, goldband snapper kebabs - just point only!

What's a latin meal without Tacos, right?? A mind-boggling variety of stuffings for your tacos - grilled fish, mango salsa, grilled lamb carne asada, roasted poblano rajas, even scrambled eggs!


South American filled Corn Cakes - with beef & green olive hash, black beans & cheese, grilled eggplants, dried tomatoes & feta cheese, pericho, turkey ham and cheddar cheese - oh my gosh, the list is endless and one couldn't possibly try all these at one sitting! So choose wisely.


Ohh... I must show you the Giant Torta - south of the border sandwich! Have you ever seen such a humongous sandwich?! The fillings were Achiote spiced chicken, pickled jalapeno, mango salsa, guacamole, roma tomatoes, Monterey jack cheddar etc. I was too stuffed at this point to try this.


And now I must show you the huge variety of dips, sauces and sides that were laid out...


There were Brazilian Criolla, tequila habanero bbq, red chimmichurri, pico de gallo & jus...


... Herb butter, smoked chilli butter, herb & spicy curry butter... Hallelujah for butter lovers!

... Cowboy-baked cannellini beans, escallavida vegetables, Columbian-styled baby potatoes, tomato & olive salad...


We had Paella too...


And if that wasn't enough for your carbs intake, there's Picadillo con heurvos - a kind of Cuban Nasi Campur where you have endless helpings of Beef Hash Ragout, Braised Canary Beans, Takari (Caribbean Lamb Curry) and top up with loads of Avocado Pineapple & Cacao salad, hot salsa & crisp plantains!

For Desserts - the Dulces - these will be served at your table...


Coffee Chocolate Mousse & Cinnamon Churros
Coconut Macaroons
Grilled Caramelized Argentine Crepes
Tropical Fruit Paletas Popsicles

I only tried the first 2 - the cinnamon churros were a bit too sweet for me and so were the macaroons. To wash away the sweetness from my palate, these were very helpful... we popped some tequila and sucked on orange slices sprinkled with cinnamon!


Stay on to party with the band if you like... or just lounge around with the free-flow drinks and watch your World Cup matches!


The B4 Feast is available at:

Qba Courtyard
The Westin Kuala Lumpur
199 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Every Saturday from 6pm to 10pm
Tel: Westin Dining @ 03-2773 8338

RM148++ per person
RM99++ for Starwood Privilege members
RM74++ (9-18 year olds)
FOC (8 years & below)

*Many thanks to Ming and Zen for inviting/organizing this!


thule a.k.a leo said...

definitely a feast!!! Something that would put extra kg on my weight

J said...

Your photos are a great reminder of all the delicious food+drinks and fun chatting that night... :)
(Thanks, PG! - have added a link to your review now... )

reanaclaire said...

wow... so much to wallop!!

Derek said...

Whao! So much varieties and I am sure one will not be able to try all of them!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

that is one one HUGE sandwich they got there!

PureGlutton said...

Leo: Haha, that's true - a really whopping feast!

PureGlutton said...

J: Thanks for linking :-)

PureGlutton said...

claire: Oh yes, wallopped we certainly did!

PureGlutton said...

Derek: Ya you are right - the selection was so varied, I didn't taste everything!

PureGlutton said...

Joe: Absolutely huge! Wonder how many people it'll take to finish that?!

minchow said...

Looks like an evening of mayhem!! *kicks self ten times over for missing it*

qwazymonkey said...

ya ala, so much to eat! I'm stuffed just looking at em. Hahaha

Life for Beginners said...

That sure is food, food, food galore. But can't beat the feast we had at your potluck last weekend. That was AMAZING! :D

CUMI & CIKI said...

what the hell was that?! a sandwich?? LOL.. twas massive!

Wow, eat like dat how to breath ha? excellent write up.. u making me hungry

PureGlutton said...

minchow: You're always so elusive! ;-) We missed ya!

PureGlutton said...

Qmonkey: It's quite dizzying actually - that array of food laid out! Can eat until pengsan!

PureGlutton said...

LFB: You're too kind! Glad u enjoyed our lil feast ;-)

PureGlutton said...

Ciki: Yep, that was like a super-giant subway sandwich! You're right, we couldn't breathe, actually...LOL!

vialentino said...

very nice place to dine here...thou the price is exp...but i enjoy dining here..nice review indeed!

ai wei said...

yum yum yum. somewhere i love :)