Friday, April 4, 2008

Choong Foong Seafood Restaurant

Choong Foong Seafood Restaurant
No.8 Lorong 1D
Kampung Subang
40150 Shah Alam
Tel: 03-78463253/2482/1081

This restaurant is located in Kg Subang, right at the end after the old Subang Airport. It has been around for quite some time and it serves good old simple Chinese food at affordable prices. This particular trip to Choong Foong was sometime after CNY but I haven't blogged about it yet until now.

This is one place we go to when we hanker for Sharksfin Omelette (RM30 for big portion). Sharksfin, fresh crabmeat are scrambled with egg into the most delicious concoction and it's eaten wrapped in lettuce leaves. The crunchy lettuce is a perfect wrap for the eggy filling!

One of their signature dishes is the Claypot Braised Lamb Ribs (RM40 for big pot). This is a pot of heavenly aromas as the lamb ribs have been simmered in chinese herbs like tongkwai, spices like star anise, ginger and black fungus which have perfectly absorbed the strong smell of lamb. There are also chunks of water chestnuts which give the dish its crunchy element. You can wipe off plates of rice with just the gravy of this dish!

We tried the Steamed Tilapia with Choy Poh (RM23). The freshness of the fish was delicately enhanced with the bits of fried crispy choy poh.

Of course our meal is not complete without vegetables. We had the Baby Kailan in garlic - a very simple stir-fry dish. The kailan ws just lightly tossed as it came out fresh and crunchy.

Being a shellfish fan, I couldn't resist their Clams in Superior Soup (RM16). The superfresh clams were cooked just nice in the broth which had hints of herbs (tongkwai and kei chee - wolfberries) and chinese wine. We finished the clams and the soup in record time!

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